Thursday, April 26, 2012

Love: Blog 2

Love: Process

When I started thinking about this project I was mostly just excited to start working in a new medium (other than Braille). I had been previously caught up in the idea of using Braille and had difficulty even coming up with this project. First I had to look up how the short and long sounds can be made and also how the word "love" would be translated.

I spent a lot of time considering what objects would make the best sounds for this project. In working on the project I found that metal and hollow wooden object make the best resonating sounds. I also practiced tapping out the word several times before filming. I tried to integrate it into my every day life.

To complete the project, I enlisted the help of the fantastic filming skills of Liz Craige. We used her FlipCam to capture the video. When filming we used many different objects in various spaces to repeatedly have me tap the Morse Code. Each object was filmed of me tapping the word "love" twice.

Finally I had to learn more about how to film. I had to change file types of all the clips. Then I edited together a complete piece of video that exhibited the sound and visuals of me tapping out the same word multiple times. I found the act of tapping the specific pattern multiple times to be relaxing and meditative. It was a very fulfilling piece personally. I tried to capture this to the best of my abilities through the video aspect as well to share my performance with others.

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