Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Group Project 1- The Notes: One vs Many

The Notes: One vs Many
A collaboration: Corinna Campbell, Ryan Gunderlach, and Whitney Walton

The Statement

The difference between one and many can be a powerful motivator to people. In this work we tried to break down this idea to the bare minimum. We explored the idea of human presence in an area of the DSU of CNU. Using the space as a container that people normally interact in, we set loose our idea in the form of notes.

The Process

Starting with a single sheet of paper, folded into fourths, with the words "Please put me back down" written on it, we recorded the interaction and lack thereof for about an hour. For this part of the performance/community art it was most interesting to see the difference between student and staff reactions to the single paper.

Next we collected a large group of papers together to create a pile to symbolize the many. The papers for this part of the project were divided into a third of them having handwritten, nice things written on it, a third of them being typed downbeat messages, and a third being completely blank. There were about 90 sheets of paper in total and all of them were again folded in fourths left in a pile for an hour. This part of the project best showed the way students interacted with the notes and how they reacted in groups together.

Video Documentation

I removed this because I found I couldn't post it publicly and the file was too large.

The Sequence of Events

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