Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Genres Post

Guillermo Gomez-Pena
 I was not super impressed by this artist. I don't know if I was expecting something even more crazy than Stephanie had worked him up to be, or if I just didn't connect enough to his work. I definitely understood where his work was coming from with his background as a Mexican American. I see how his work works with identity and misconceptions and culture. However, the only work that I really was interested in was the one where he and another artist acted as Native Americans that were presented in a cage. The reactions that were captured were interesting.

Alfredo Jaar
Of the works that we discussed in class by Alfredo Jaar, I liked the one with the flowers the best. I think the concept along with the exhibition space was really interesting. He used flowers as a symbol for intellectuals and gave the flowers water and light and soil. He also blew harsh fans towards the flowers symbolizing the governments control and how harmful that was towards letting the flowers grow. I thought it was cool that this installation piece was exhibited across the way from a government building and really brought the work to life.

Yinka Shonibare
 I loved this artist's work with mannequins. They are dressed in clothes made from beautiful fabric. The fabric is batik which originated in India but was adopted by Africans. I also like the concept of them being headless and implication that has. This particular piece show below is talking about when the different European countries were having heated discussions about who would have control over what parts of Africa for trade.

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