Sunday, May 29, 2011

Artist #2: Dinos and Jake Chapman

     Dinos and Jake Chapman are brothers from London, England that work together on various projects. They are known for their poignant sculptures, prints and installations that focus on contemporary politics and morality. Their website is here.
     This particular group of artwork is from the series My Giant Colouring Book completed in 2004. Many of these pieces can be seen at the MoMA. This series of work is a group of etchings, some of which are colored in with watercolors. The prints are made to look like the connect-the-dot children’s book. However, instead of being light happy scenes of childhood story characters, they are somewhat disturbing images with dark macabre scenes. It seems to be an interesting way of working backwards to leave some areas unfinished and having only the numbered dots to fill in spaces with the viewer's mind. After all, what we often fear the most is the unknown.

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