Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Artist #4: Levni Yilmaz

This artist is one of my favorites on Youtube. Levni Yilmaz creates unique animation along with thoughtful monologue by himself. His short storylines are often about everyday things that happen to almost everyone, but that no one would admit to. His art style is minimalist and truly is just plain ink cartoon drawings that are captured on film.What makes him unique is is manner of capturing the film. They seem to appear as if drawn by an invisible hand. In reality he draws it backwards, that is, from the other side of the paper. The paper is placed on a clear surface and the camera is directed up towards it. Light shines down through the paper but the light is blocked out by the drawing that Yilmaz makes. I'm pretty sure he showed this technique in one of his videos, but I can't seem to find it now. Anyways...what I love most about Levni Yilmaz is that each animation from his Tales of Mere Existence holds an honesty and humor that draws in the viewer.

If you've never heard of him please check him out and subscribe!

 Here are a couple of my favorites! :)

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