Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Plan of Attack

      After 3 looooong weeks of a Biology lecture and Biology lab, I have completed my May term! Pretty sure I did well in both so its on to my next order of business of which I seem to have fallen far behind on D: !!! But worry not because I plan on kicking myself in gear to get this summer assignment stuff for senior seminar started today! :)

And so... the to do list is:
      1. Hopefully glaze fire my ceramics from last year ( >_< I still never finished them) before I have to move them back home.
      2. Finish my incomplete in Crafts (because Fall term was hell).
      3. Have 50 inspiring artist posts... and narrow it down to 10 artists into a binder with written responses that show how they influence the work I plan to create in senior seminar.
     4. Senior seminar sketchbook!
     5. Visit some museums!!! :D
     6. Create 3-5 sampler artwork!! <3
     7. Breathe? ...nah... don't need to do that.

Well to start off I looked through some older posts from the senior seminar facebook group and found these two posts that were very interesting and helpful!
         First was an article that really focused on what it means to be an artist. To "steal" or find inspiration in things that have already been done and making it your own. It also talked about how important it is to just do your art every day and get it out there to be seen by other people.
       The other was a more professional view of being an artist and how to much you should be making art, how to prepare a portfolio, sell your art, and get your art in galleries!

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