Thursday, August 18, 2011

Artist #36: Gehard Demetz

For my Fathers
2009 260x51x90cm
Gehard Demetz is another artist from Italy. Demetz does wood carving sculptures. He has been exhibited across the world in both solo and group shows since his debut in 2005.
I hear the spirits while I whisper
2007 166x105x37.5cm
I came across his artwork from this website which displayed many of his works. They are fabulously constructed and capture the viewer with a disquieting nature. The child figures are often missing sections or blocks out of them and yet still appear very realistic in shape. Their sad faces and the innocence of children is estranged with the dark, tortured and broken bodies they show. His art and info was taken from Gehard Demetz's website, here.
You Have Stolen my Silence

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