Friday, August 19, 2011

Artist #46: Anne Harris

Portrait (Old Neck) 2001
Oil on Linen 12 x 13"
Anne Harris is a painter from Illinois. She received her BFA in 1986 from Washington Univerisity and then her MFA from Yale University School of Art in 1988. Harris' work has been exhibited across the country in both solo and group shows. The images and information was found at her website, here.
Angel 2007
Oil on Linen 44 x 30"
Her portraits and self portraits are beautifully rendered. The figures in each one seem to surrender beauty to the brutally truthful frailty and age of their bodies. It is clear from her paintings that she wishes to show the vulnerability of human form, showing the sunken and curved flesh beautifully. The facial expressions are often in a kind of mid smile and grimace leaving the viewer uncertain of the figures emotional state. While the images can make people uncomfortable it's this unease of recognizing our own vulnerability that makes Anne Harris' paintings so wonderful to see.
Portrait (Pigtails) 2002
Oil on Linen 12 x 13" (approximate)

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