Friday, August 19, 2011

Artist #49: Joan Snyder

New Moonfield, 2008
acrylic, burlap, silk, cheesecloth, wooden beads, paper mache on linen
54" x 78"
Joan Snyder, website here, was born in 1940 in New Jersey. She got her BA from Douglass College in NJ and her MFA from Rutgers University in 1966. She has recieved several endowments from various fellowships and currently lives and works out of New York. Snyder was in several solo shows in New York, California and other states across the US, and is in collections of many museums.
My Work, 1997
etching and woodcut
22.25" x25"
Snyder's art is created in many different medias and in a kind of abstracted and expressionistic style. Her art is often full of bright color and are filled to the brim with emotion. There is a lot of dripping paint, repetition of form and sometimes words in her paintings and prints. Each is beautiful and full of life and emotion.
Life of A Tree, 2007.
Oil, acrylic, cloth, berries, paper mache, glitter, nails, pastel, on linen
48" x 68"

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