Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Update and PFAC Trip!

So... I'm finally back on track. Kinda got off the blogging thing between my biology classes and moving back home and trying to find some space for all my art crap at home so I can actually get back to making more art. Blah! I hate the moving >.<'   ....Anyways... The point is I'm gonna be back on track and get some artist posts up today and I already went to PFAC (my first museum trip for this summer) and did some sketchbooking on the artists exhibited there... and will hopefully do some more sketchbook stuff tonight so I can create my first art work by the end of the week.

Alright. So that was the update. Now for the PFAC.

I went to the PFAC today because my brother needed to get picked up from Setting Sail (Yay! He's going to be going to CNU too! ^_^). So my mom and I decided to head over there.
The PFAC (Peninsula Fine Arts Center) in Newport News, located right next to the CNU campus is always fun to go to. Its rather small, but that's part of why I like it. Also, I finally got a student membership (thanks Mom!) so I'll be going more often during the school year to see all of their exhibits. YAY!!!!

The artists that were on display at the PFAC were: Gloria Coker, Richard Hunt, and Greg Henry (from our own CNU faulty! ^_^). I also happened upon a lovely watercolor of flowers in a basket by Betty Anglin (former CNU professor who I'll surely miss). Anglin's watercolor can be seen here.
I'll talk about each of the artist in separate posts. They'll be up in a bit!

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