Thursday, June 23, 2011

Artist #7: Greg Henry

The last artist I'll talk about from my trip to Pfac is Greg Henry. Henry is a wonderful professor at CNU teaching printmaking, sculpture and ceramics. It's really cool to be able to see what your professors do and how they exhibit their own work, to help you understand as a student how to do your own. It was kind of fun seeing the show because I had remembered seeing some of the woodblocks that made the prints shown in the printmaking class I took with him.

Greg Henry creates a lot of his work from his memories of the Northern Guyanese yardscapes. Many of his motifs include the houses, trees, animals that he saw there. He uses icons from everyday objects. The icons he uses most often are the rooster and the bull. These icons are tangible things that represent the relationships of life and death in an environment. They also serve as a universal connectiveness to self, others and the environment.

One of the interesting things I read in Greg Henry's artist statement is that he thinks of his work as a kind of poetry of nature and living things and their spiritual counterparts.

Henry uses a lot of bold flat color and strong iconic shapes in his work.
My favorite of his that I saw on display at this exhibit was of the found object bottle tree and house. ( I didn't take pictures so the images shown are just what I found online. Sorry... Image sources: The Market, d'Art, and Chickens!)

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