Thursday, June 23, 2011

Artist #8: George De Feure and Art Nouveau

George de Feure (design) made by Hans Muller Hickler
Window. 1901-2. stained and leaded glass, bronze, wood.
George De Feure, known as "the poet of the poster", lived from 1868 to 1943 and was a prolific artist of the Art Nouveau style. He was born in Belgium and worked mostly in France. He created his art and designs through a variety of media: painting, furniture, glass windows, pottery, carpet and jewelery. He also did work as a set designer and interior designer.

At VMFA there are many great artworks in the Art Nouveau gallery. Two works I got pictures of by George De Feure were a poster and a stained glass window of his design. His designs are very elegant and often depict women in stylish gowns. I love the graceful forms and classy females of George De Feure's designs. I'll probably use some of his posters as inspiration for the Graphic Design course next semester.

I also fell in love with many other works by other artist in the Art Nouveau gallery. So I'll just go ahead and post it here. Enjoy! :)

Poster, Isita. ca. 1900. Lithograph.
George de Feure. Door of Dreams.

George de Feure. Poster.

Paul Ranson. Embroidered by Laure Lacombe.
Fire Screen. 1892. Mahogany, silk, stenciled dye.@VMFA
Gustave Gurschner. ca. 1899-1900.
Nautilus Lamp. Bronze, nautilus shell. @VMFA

Charles Pillivuyt Porcelain Manufactory.
Louis Chalon and Eugene Feuillatre.
Vase. 1898. Hard paste porcelain, enamel,
bronze, gilding. @VMFA

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