Friday, July 1, 2011

Artist #19: Jason Levesque

Jason Levesque, also known as Stuntkid, is a graphic artist from Norfolk. He has exhibited in galleries over the world and had a article written about him in the Virginian Pilot. Levesque also works full time as a lead animator for the Norfolk company, Grow Interactive.
Levesque creates his version of the "pinup girl" that usually adds an element of something out of the norm or somewhat gross. He plays with the ideas of an idealized female form that is both beautiful and repulsive. The medium for Jason Levesque's artwork is Photoshop. He draws his images from scanned in model photos or drawings.
I'm totally in love with Levesque's work. I love the concept he works from and the style of his designs. They are all visually intriguing and beautifully constructed. The images are all from his website, here.

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