Thursday, July 7, 2011

Artist #29: Godfrey Blow

Light to Dark 3. 2000.
oil on cotton canvas
Godfrey Blow is an artist who has had many solo exhibitions, mostly in Australia and United Kingdom. He was born in 1948 and studied art at Sheffield Hallam University in England. Godfrey Blow now lives and works in Western Australia.
Wounded Angel. 2005.
Acrylic on canvas on board.
Blow's art is concerned with imagery from nature that give insight to its existence. His work comes from his own personal spiritual mythology which he believes is just as relevant as scientific fact and is still universally meaningful and understood. Godfrey Blow also deals with natural life occurrences in his artwork.
Connections. 1999.
oil on cotton canvas.
I love the naturalistic forms and sort of abstract nature of his work. I think they are beautifully spiritual works and are fun to look at for a period of time at all of the parts and how they flow together. All of the images are from Godfrey Blow's website, here. So check out some of his other works! :)

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