Friday, July 1, 2011

Artist #20: Christine K Harris

Berries for Mother

Cover Up
Christine K Harris is a local Virginia artist. She graduated from Virginia Wesleyan College with a degree in Art and Psychology and from Eastern Virginia Medical School with a masters in Art Therapy. Harris works as a teacher of art and an art therapist with programs for children healing from loss.
Forgotten Promise
Christine Harris considers her artwork to be a record of her processes of personal emotions, observation, and dreams. Her mixed media work is a collection of found objects that build stories. She uses a mix of both animal and human qualities in her work and often uses birds as a theme. According to Harris, birds represent not only freedom of flight, but before that the helplessness and need for nurturing or restrained to a cage.
Someday Never Comes
The images shown here are all from her website. I highly recommend visiting her website, here, for more images of her artwork, because they have better close ups. I think that what is so great about Christine Harris's work is her attention to small details and little found objects on all sides of the work, making them truly sculptural, and that add another dimension to her stories. I really enjoyed seeing her works displayed at the Contemporary Art Center in Virginia Beach.

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