Friday, July 8, 2011

Artist #30: Sophie Calle

(the words are from the letter from her ex-boyfriend)
Picture credit
From Exquisite Pain. Picture credit
Sophie Calle is an artist born in France who lives and works in Paris. She does photography and performance art. Her work is about interactions with people and places in which she becomes both the author and a character in a narrative. Sophie Calle's artwork focuses on investigations and curiosity about her life. She often dissects her life and happenings through many snapshots almost like cutting up the whole story so she can thoroughly examine all of the sections of it. Then she takes these pieces and compares them to each other to create the story. This is interesting way of working in which the process is more important to the artist than the final result. I think a lot of her work is about human vulnerability also.
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I'm gonna post some links that better explain what Sophie Calle was doing for each series.
This one is kind of an overview of a few different series. This image from the Paula Cooper gallery website is from a series called Exquisite Pain, which is explained here. The Media Art Net website had two descriptions of her works: one of The Shadow and one of L'Hotel series.
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