Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Artist #26: Judy Fox

Judy Fox is a sculptor from New York that works primarily making realistic looking ceramic figures. She has exhibited across the United States and Europe. Judy Fox studied at Yale and Skowhagen for her undergraduate work and received an Art History Masters degree from the Institute of Fine Art at NYU. She also has received two grants from the National Endowment for the Arts.
Snow White and the Seven Sins. PPOW, NY. 2007.
Fox is known for her life size sculptures of nude children. Her work explores the individual and the image they are presenting or that is projected. The image examples included are both from her website, here. The Snow White and the Seven Sins delves into the iconic character of Snow White. The lovely young girl is surrounded by seven surrealist looking "dwarf" creatures, each representing a deadly sin. The strange creatures appear crude and impure in contrast to the young woman's form. The other image shows her well known child figures. Each figure is in a classical pose of figures, such as the one on the left in a sensual Vishnu pose. Their nudity makes them appear vulnerable and child-like, while their poses are recognizable and adult, full of meaning and cultural understanding.
Love and War. Kohler Art Center, WI. 2001

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